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28 September 2018
New In Line fan - LINEAR
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07 February 2017
New Products - CVT HT series
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Fans Complete with Filters & Filter Housings

Depending on application, different types and ranges of "Fans complete with filters" or "Filter Housings" (side, front or bottom access) complete with different combinations of filters according to EN 779:2012 and EN 1822 for particulate, and/or gaseous (odor) and/or corrosion control are available. Here below are few examples for general guidance. 

Depending on application and selection of filters, units can be used for “air filtration” or “pressurization” or pollution control”.

* All types of fans - EC, energy saving, direct or belt driven and/or EC plug- are available according to requirement.
* Furthermore, ATEX motors/fans are available upon request.

  Conduct us for selection and/or advice and/or for "CUSTOM MADE" selection according to your requirement and/or application.


FwF range

BXF-F range 

  C-FwF range

Forward, Backward or Plug

AC or EC motors.

Different stages of filtration
  depending on application.
  (1 to 6 stages of filtration)

  FILTERS according to
EN 779:2012 & EN 1822
  Coarse filters: G1 - G4
  Medium filters: M5 - M6
  Fine filters: F7 - F9
  HEPA filters: H10 - H14

  Gas phase filtration
 Different types of carbon filters
  (according to application)

ErP 2015

 Centrifugal, Forward curved  

EN 779:2012: G4 filters as 

EN 779:2012: M5 (optional)
Different insulation 

Competitively priced

Forward, Backward or Plug

Different filtration stages        
   1 to 3 stages

  Coarse filters: G1 - G4
  Medium filters: M5 - M6
  Fine filters: F7 - F9

• Standard panel thickness: 25
   mm (on request: 25 – 45) 


Leaflet FwF range.pdf Leaflet BXF-F range.pdf Leaflet C-FwF range.pdf
Performance curves DIF.pdf Perf. curves BXF-F.pdf Performance curves DIF.pdf
Performance curves DIB.pdf Performance curves DIB.pdf



Filter Housing

Recirculating Unit



OS(25) Flexi range


 DS(25) BDB-HEPA range

MAC 2000 range

 Belt driven, Centrifugal,
   Forward curved, double inlet

 Important advantage: This
  range is designed to
  accommodate in maximum 6
  stages of filters.

 “Double skin” construction as
   standard (cleanable & noise

 Available panel thickness:
  25 –  45 – 63mm 

 1-phase or 3-phase models
  (depending on capacities)


 Belt driven, Centrifugal,
  Backward curved, double inlet

Depending on application
  (conduct us) up to 6 stages of
  filters can be accommodated.

 “Double skin” construction as 
  standard (cleanable & noise

 Available panel thickness: 
  25 – 45 – 63mm 

 1-phase or 3-phase models
  (depending on capacities)

 Direct drive, Centrifugal,
  Forward curved double inlet 

 “Double skin” construction
  for “clean ability” as standard.

 3 stages standard filtration.

 Standard panel thickness: 18
  mm (on request: 25 – 45 –
Brief description.pdf    Brief description.pdf Brief description.pdf
    Leaflet MAC 2000 range.pdf
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