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28 September 2018
New In Line fan - LINEAR
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07 February 2017
New Products - CVT HT series
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Rolls and Pads  (EN 779 classifications: G2 to F5)

Different filter medias either synthetic or glass fiber are available.

Each filter media has specific technical characteristics depending on application.



AmerTex R-Series

AmerGlass M57

AmerKleen M80

Paintstop Orange

EN 779 classifications: G2 to G4

Exclusive synthetic bonding
  technology provides cleaner 

 Low pressure drop.

 High dust holding capacity.

EN 779 classification: G2

• Glass fibre filter media with
  progressive density.

• Available in pads and rolls.

High dust holding capacity

• Easy to install.


 Glass fibre pad with
  progressive density.

 Strong resilient design.

 Impregnated with gel-like

 High dust holding capacity


High compression strength

 High dust holding capacity and
  long service life.

 Suitable for quick drying paint
  and varnish.

 Progressive density.

 Designed to meet most
  stringent environmental codes
  for exhaust air.





Paintstop Green

AmerTex F-Series

Economical to use.

 Open weave design enhances
   paint removal from air stream.

 Removes overspray of all
  types of paint lacquer. 

Protects exhaust ducts, fans
   and motors.

Three versions available:
   F30, F55 and F60.

 EN 779 classification: F5.

 For paint spray and drying
   booth applications.

 Fine synthetic fibres.

 Multi-layered structure.



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