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28 September 2018
New In Line fan - LINEAR
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07 February 2017
New Products - CVT HT series
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Dew Point Cooling

 Up to 80% more energy efficient compared with traditional air-
  conditioning systems.
Environmentally friendly compared with
   traditional air conditioning systems.
Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


 Can be used as an alternative cooling system in order to 
   maintain comfortable conditions.  
Can be used in conjunction with traditional cooling systems. 
Can be used as “pre-cooling” system.


The external warm air (100%) is forced to pass through the patent “statiqcooler”. Part of the warm air (around 30%) is used to evaporate water from special material which covers externally the air channels strategically located inside the “statiqcooler”, prior its discharge back to the atmosphere.

In this process, the air which travels inside the air channels (around 70%), is getting indirectly cooled and is directed into the space to be conditioned.



Unit Installed on roof

Installation at Gym

Plenum Ventilation

Unit of 1500 m3/h. (1-phase)

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