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28 September 2018
New In Line fan - LINEAR
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07 February 2017
New Products - CVT HT series
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Greenhouses and Farms
  Complete lines of products ideally suitable for "Greenhouses" & "Farms" are available.

Special type fans and evaporative cooling batteries complete with all relevant accessories are available.

"Typical Schematic" 
("cross ventilation").

 "Typical Schematic" 
(with internal fans).

 "Typical Schematic"


               Cooling Pads 

 Cooling Batteries

 Typical Installation

Different thickness
   200mm) of pads available.

Maximum length 2m.

Compatible to existing installations
   for replacement.

Complete cooling batteries

Can be supplied as parts or

Special alloy aluminium gutters 
  and accessories for "trouble free".




    GREEN-ZOO Series 


   AXIA MD Series 

Range of fans up to 13000 m3/h
  (with or without shutters).

Range of fans up to 72500 m3/h
  (with or without shutters).

Range of fans up to 9000 m3/h
  (with or   without shutters).



             Eolostar Series 3

          Destratificator Series

New range of fans (3 stainless steel
  blade up to 45000 m3/h (with or
  without shutters).

Available in stainless steel 
  (6800 m3/h).

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