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28 September 2018
New In Line fan - LINEAR
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07 February 2017
New Products - CVT HT series
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Different types of roof fans are available. Here below are just few examples.
Contact us for selection and/or advice according to requirement.

TXC Series

TXP Series

TXV Series

TXA Series


For domestic and industrial

 Centrifugal fan to extract air
  or fumes

 Suitable for such as block of
  flats, houses, offices,
  restaurants, gyms, swimming-

 Maximum temperature of
  exhausted air 70°C

 Speed controllable.

Centrifugal roof fans to
  extract air or fumes directly or
  from ducts.

 Medium - high flow rates at
  low to medium pressure
  losses .

 Zinc-plated steel body and
  impeller, cover made of plastic

 Some models are speed

Extracts air or fumes from
  ducts or from the environment.

Medium – high flow rates with
  pressure to overcome
  pressure losses due to duct

 Max temperature of the
  extracted air: 60°.

 Working temperature range –
  20° + 60°.

Axial roof fans with horizontal

 Extracts air or fumes from the
  environment or from short

 Max temperature of the
  extracted air: 50°.

 Working temperature range –
  20° + 50°.

 Very easy installation.

Leaflet TXC series.pdf   Leaflet TXP series.pdf   Leaflet TXV series.pdf Leaflet TXA series.pdf

SV 1V Series


 Centrifugal chimney fan to
  extract hot dusty fumes.

 Suitable for use on fireplaces,
  oven waste or industrial hoods.

 Designed to extract smoke at
  temperature up to 200° C.

 For all chimneys with
  insufficient up draught.

Available capacities:

 Flow: 910 m3/h

 Centrifugal fan.

 Suitable for general ventilation.

 Safety protection grille.

 1-speed motors

Variable speed controller 

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